Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Trend Scene Hairstyles 2011

    Scene Hairstyles for Girls

    Scene Hairstyles for Girls
    A scene mullet is one of the popularly worn scene hairstyles. It consists of the hair being cut short in front, and left long at the back of the neck. The hair is cut in a very jagged manner, with choppy layers on the crown, the back of the neck, and also the sides. You can spike the hair on the top a little, to create volume on the crown. This hairdo is considered simple from front but wild from the back.

    Asymmetrical Scene Hairstyle

    This hairstyle relates to the hair being cut short on one side, with keeping hair on the other side long. You can wear this hairdo on hair of any length. However, if you are thinking about scene hairstyles for girls with medium hair, this hairdo is most appropriate. In an asymmetrical scene hairstyle, the hair is styled in an uneven manner with sweeps. Choppy layers are also important parts of an asymmetrical scene hairstyle. You can even include long or short, and bright-colored fringes to get a more scene look.

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Trend Scene Hairstyles 2011

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