Sunday, 26 June 2011

Emo Hairstyle Blonde

    Blonde Emo Hairstyles For Girls,Blonde Emo Hairstyles For Girls many people spend a long time in front of the mirror of their socks off to achieve the perfect after their hair.
    Blonde hair works great with emo hair, you can add some cool, brightly hued highlight. Dye it black, plum or navy or get brown w/ blue, black and plum streaks.
    To make your hair grow, do cornrolls and use organic shampoo.
    Emo hair
    won’t look good with a round race. Try long hair with layers and bangs off to one side instead.
    You can dye your hair with a dark, shiny, sexy shade like a black-pink combination or a dark brown, which are the most common colors.
    You can highlight the tips of your hair with purple or blue that should be well mixed with the above used color.
    Go like heaps of layers and longish kinda spike at the back with all different color blondes through it.
    Leave it long, color it black and get thick blunt front bangs that go down to your eyes but don’t cover them. If you are exotic looking, you can pull off black. Maybe get a chunk of blonde to peek through the side (one side only.) Layer the front around your face.
    Spiderweb isn’t that great. Try some smoky eyes instead.
    Unfortunately you can never not have a part in your hair, unless maybe you’ve got an afro that sticks straight out everywhere. There are two types of parts, your natural part (where your hair naturally falls) and a forced part (one you force yourself). Just train your hair to go where you want it to by forcing it into that position everyday until it falls that way itself.
    When you need a more laid back kinda look you can just have it straightened with a bit of hair spray for volume.
    Emo hairstyles
    needs a lot of maintenance such as blow drying, STRAIGHTENING, & coloring. Invest in good straighteners!

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Emo Hairstyle Blonde

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