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Top 10 Requested Celebrity Hairstyles - A Beyoncé Bouffant Anyone?

    Hair salons are being inundated with requests for Beyoncé's latest style. Blame it on her edgy alter ego Sasha Fierce, or the 45 million YouTube followers engrossed in her Single Ladies video, but Beyoncé's influence is spreading to a hair salon near you.
    Watch the Single Ladies video at
    "The Beyoncé is basically a streamlined backcombed bouffant," says celebrity hairstylist Errol Douglas. "It's very contemporary, a more tailored version of the big, glam bouffant hair in the 80s. This style is easier to do but the transformation element is still there - you feel different instantly. It's a sassy look, popular on the catwalk, and it's very versatile - you can dress it up with makeup or leave it without."
    "Beyoncé has become so big … everyone wants a piece of her, and this is an easy, accessible way to get that," he adds.
    With its nod to the 80s, the Beyoncé confirms that it's not just stonewashed jeans and leotards that are coming back - hair is having a revival, too. The main appeal of the style is its convenience factor: it doesn't require you to cut or dye your hair; it works on African American and Caucasian hair; it suits most ages.
    At most salons, the look will set you back between $100 and $350, depending on how much time is spent creating it. Stylists are currently doing half a dozen interpretations of the Beyoncé daily. However, it is also a style you can recreate on a smaller budget at home (see below).
    Another benefit of this version of the look is its age-defying properties. "A tight ponytail actually softens the face," says Douglas. "Back in the 40s and 50s, before facelifts, they would pull the hair back, which automatically pulls the skin up, and then add a wig on top."
    How To Recreate The Beyoncé At Home
    If you don't have long hair and you're looking for a quick fix, you can buy ready-made ponytails from hair shops that attach simply with a hair band or clip. The other option is to buy the hair and attach it yourself. If you are doing this, wash and blow-dry your hair the night before (if you wash it on the day, you won't get longevity out of the style).
    On the day, straighten your hair to smoothen the hairline - don't forget the hair at the back of your head. Then leave an inch of your hair at the front (this will cover over the backcombing) and start backcombing the rest of your hair, taking it a section at a time. Use a non-aerosol spray for afro hair, such as Matrix Air Trix Strong Hold Non-Aerosol spray. Use a lighter spray for Caucasian hair, such as Matrix Vavoom, which won't make the hair greasy. Hold the comb at a 45-degree angle - this will give you more height.
    Tip your head forward and spray underneath lightly to brush up short bits of hair. Then brush the inch of hair at the front to slick over the backcomb effect, pulling the whole thing together into a tight ponytail. Create the ponytail just below the crown - it can look severe if it is too high up.
    If using synthetic hair, take a section and use as many kirby grips as necessary to attach it to your own hair. Once one section is secure, continue to unravel the synthetic hair around the ponytail and secure it to your hair - be sure that the attachment is nice and tight. Ask a friend to help and check that the hair is symmetrical. Then take two inches of synthetic hair and wrap it around the join so it looks seamless, and pin this in place.
    Finish by trimming the ends of the ponytail and adding shine wax to the front of your hair for a sleek look.
    Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles Women Want
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    2. Rihanna
    3. Jennifer Aniston
    4. Kelly Clarkson

    5. Hilary Duff
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    7. Paula Abdul
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    9. Jennifer Lopez
    10. Jessica Alba

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