Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Emo Girls Hairstyle






    painted or naturally black hair should be cut off exactly on half of forehead. It is better to make thick bang. Put some flocks ahead and some side curls on ears and behind;
    - whiskers are needed anyway;
    - hair should better be disheveled and stuck out in different ways;
    - hair on the nape should be also tousled and raised;
    - the best variant is to cut off hair shortly enough in a back part of the head and then make some thorns with help of gel;
    - you can add some purple colour to your bang. The bang hangs down, closing one eye, and reaches a cheek;
    - almost white face, with pale lips, which are almost the same tone as the skin, brightly coloured eyes. It is even possible to make some black paths from the imaginary cosmetics washed away by tears on the face. And it is possible to add the teardrops drawn with a black पेंसिल
    while your hair is still growing and reaching a necessary length for an emo-sight, beter brush it in the direction, you have planned from the beginning। In such way you’ll "get used" your hair to keep the necessary direction all the time.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl, use hairpins and gel for giving a necessary design for your haircut. So, in case you have wavy hair, use hairspray/gel to "calm down’’ and smooth it. Besides, use a qualitative shampoo to humidify the hair, then you can keep it straight and not damage its flexibility and firmness in the future. By the way, using special straightening hairpins is very convenient. Put some casual hairpins in your hair.
    Do not forget that it is not needed to provide some extreme measures. It is not necessary to wash your hair with shampoo every day because it can overdry the hair and damage it. But you should not forget about regular washing of unfresh and dirty hair in general. Emo hairstyles assume basically one – black – colour, but you can also confidently experiment and make some combinations of black colour and other tones. But do not get fond of it a lot, because you will than look like the clown. And it won’t be a desirable result.

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Emo Girls Hairstyle

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