Sunday, 4 April 2010

How to Win Recognition from People as Scene Kids

    How to Win Recognition from People as Scene Kids

    As scene kids, your main objective should not only to be fashionable but to gain recognition from others. The way you look, act and speak should not hurt others so that they won’t interfere with your own style.Straight-edge scene kids do not smoke or drink and many of them are vegetarian which makes them popular. The scene pastime is attending shows and spending a lot of time in MySpace. Some people look at scene kids as whores because they will accept anyone on MySpace just to increase their popularity.
    They post numerous photos in different poses sometimes kissing each other, covering their mouth, giving peace signs, exhibiting the pigeon toe, swinging their cameras up in the air, looking down and shaking their bangs while holding a mirror and a lot more photo-shop gimmicks.
    They label their pictures with names of no sense and pretend that they’re so depressed when they’re not. You can see them also acting conceitedly, posing in vanity and in arrogant manner when in reality, they are cool and nice guys.A lot of scene girls don’t wear clothing without name brand and their designer bags are really expensive. They usually wear a cool belt with buckle on the side of the hip. They adore neon-colored eye shadow and wear heavy layers of eyeliner.
    Scene kids sport 2-tone colored hair with cut in different angles and parted to the side. Scene boys love to have brown, black and blonde- dyed hair. They also wear original hair color which makes them look great.People as Scene Kids

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How to Win Recognition from People as Scene Kids

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