Monday, 26 April 2010

Emo Love

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    Love! What can be better and more tragic than this feeling? Love is capable to give wings and to nake the life away from a person. It is one of those feelings with which it’s impossible to struggle, it is impossible to supervise this. It is impossible to force, to increase your affection to somebody, and it’s impossible to kill love which you have inside. It’s both an illness and a medicine. Love is considering and honoring others... their whole being - ideas, beliefs, feelings...
    Emo love is a very strong emotional experience. However it’s a rather different thing from the model we’re used to. Therefore Emo who are very rich and sensual inside, endure the love period more sharply. Thus they, as a rule, are very young, their love is usually very tragic and it’s a kind of a one-side love. It is really difficult to divide love. Emo love is unusually strong, and emo kids are usually falling in the lake of the feeling entirely, without leaving nothing behind . But, as well as on the earth, they desire to get the answer from people. But not all people can give such a strong feeling back, as emo give. Not everyone can even value the emo love.
    When their love doesn’t find the answer, the world for Emo falls, they lose their wings; tears, pain, bitterness of treachery settle and remain for a long time in their soul. They lose themselves, the soul is hurt with the pain … It’s very pity that lots of people don’t even realize that the love they have inside is wonderful. Even, if it doesn’t get the answer from another person, you should give a part of your love to your darling and it’ll remind him or her about your true and clear love all the time. Learn to enjoy the thought that you are capable to love and that you have a loving heart inside instead of a stone, love can really give you the strongest and the most powerful wings ever, enjoy this feeling, write poems and music, try to remember this state of your internal world. Because this feeling can give you a lot of new wonderful ideas, it can make you think the other different way and to surprise yourself.

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Emo Love

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