Monday, 26 April 2010

Emo Kids

    Emo kids are sad creatures of the dark. They are characterized by their dress sense and also how in touch they are with certain emotions (i.e. the negative ones). Typically emos wear lots of black and will most likely have dyed hair (mainly black or sometimes colourful streaks) and write music, lyrics, or poems about the trials and tribulations of their torturous lives. Basically emos are sort of like goths...but with a lot less darkness and a lot more Harry Potter. Spotting an emo kid online is very easy as most have their username surrounded by Xs like so: xXxTinySadBrokenKittyxXx. Usually this would indicate that the user is Straight Edge (abstains from drug and alcohol). However in the emo community, things have different meanings. Their definition of straight edge is rather vertically displaceable. Emos can also be recognized online by their typing style. There are many variations of emo typing
    The.kind.that.hasn''tfoundthespacekeyorthefullstopthe ones that have found the space key but unfortunately have misplaced all other punctuation keys including capital letters this kind isnt so bad at first but it can get very very very very very very very annoying over long blocks of text as your never quite sure when the sentence has ending or where the pauses go and it all sort of jams together and makes very little sense to you as a readerda 1s dat tlk in txt tlk dispit da fct dare r nt actuly txtin ne1 (The absolute worst) tHe oNeS wHo gO tO sTuPiD aMoUnTs oF eFFoRt To mAkE tHeIr pOsT aS UnReAdEraBlE aS PoSsIbLe. iTs aNnOyInG tO tHoSe wHo ReAD iT. iTs aNnOyInG tO tHoSe wHow wRiTe iT. aNd iTs eVen aNnOyInG tO tHoSe wHo dOn'T rEaD It...iTs cRaCkInG sTuFf!
    Possibly the most common kind, these emos are leaning more toward the goth spectrum - fashion wise at least - but emotionally they lack the anger needed to be a goth. As a result they can usually be spotted wandering apathetically around graveyards.
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Emo Kids

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