Monday, 26 April 2010

Emo Dance

    Emo dance is very similar to skank or throwdown; however, the movements tend to be more random and include lots of spastic movements of the body, such as jumping, bouncing and shaking. Often said to emphasize one's oneness with the music, emo dance can be difficult to perfect, but a few simple steps can help you create your unique and soulful emo dance moves.Practice emo dance in the safety and comfort of your own home or in a mosh pit. Never dance emo in a calm standing crowd, as you can catch innocent bystanders unaware and someone may get hurt. While the movements of emo seem uncontrolled, with practice you will learn to keep your bearings to prevent unnecessary injury to you or others. Get into the emo music and let the rhythm move you and guide your dance technique. Your specific dance may change slightly from song to song or even group to group, so go with the flow and do what comes naturally.Begin by allowing your hair to fall down into your face as you drop your head slightly. While you don't want to cover your vision completely, you want to emanate the emo style. Start allowing your body to sway to the music and when you are really into it, start jumping to the beat. Let the music fill you with energy and begin adding spins, kicks and even punches into your emo dance. Once you are really into the groove and in your own personal zone, basically anything goes. Use large dramatic movements, jumps and even take a few sprints across the dance floor if you like.
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Emo Dance

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