Thursday, 17 December 2009

Emo Fashion

    Emo music is something that is rather ambiguously defined. It can be something that has heavy punk chords and influence such as what we've heard from the Sex Pistols, but it can also be something with soft melodic characteristics like what we've heard from the Cure. This is why emo is such a hard concept to define. It is an expression of emotion in some way.

    Emotions can vary from angry to sad to happy, and emo music is an expression of those experiences as well as their range. When it comes to the emo music scene, there are many bands that may claim to be the founders of the cultural movement. However, you would have to look across the pond to gloomy England to find the real Kings of emo music. The Cure have been going strong now for over 20 years, writing songs that could make any 16 year old boy break into tears, even the football players. Their catchy guitar riffs and honest, emotional vocals have been mimicked by almost every emo artist to date. Another band from across the pond that has definitely influenced the emo music scene is Depeche Mode. They might be a primarily electronic band, but their moody lyrics and loner style has crept into every facet of the emo scene.

    In recent years emo music has even moved away from the punk sound and many bands are starting to adopt more electronic elements to their sound. Death Cab for Cutie is a perfect example, whose lead singer Ben Gibbard also fronts the entirely electronic project the Postal Service. Emo Music is becoming very popular among teens.

    Emo music got its roots from punk rock and the infusion of indie rock. The genre developed in the early 1980’s arguably from such influences as the Cure and Sunny Day Real Estate. In the 1990’s one example of Emo bands would be Fugazi or Texas Is the Reason. Texas Is the Reason is a more indie version of Emo while Fugazi is certainly punk. While a band like Modest Mouse might easily be mistaken for an Emo band because they are punk influenced, highly emotional, and extremely fashionable, they are not Emo. The reason is that their lyrics are more metaphors than straight forwardly emotional lyrics.

    Emo Hairstyles :

    Shampoo your hair every other day and condition it everyday. Shampooing on a daily basis may strip off the natural oils that moisturize the hair. Conditioning it, on the other hand, restores lost moisture and keeps the natural oils in place.

    Use cold water as much as possible when washing your hair. This seals the hair cuticles and locks the conditioner as close to the hair follicle as possible.

    Give your hair a hot oil treatment once every two weeks. Mayonnaise or egg yolks can be used as an alternative to expensive salon treatments. Spread mayonnaise or egg yolks combined with olive oil all over your hair, concentrating on the ends. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 10-20 mins and then rinse well.

    Eat lots of food rich in B-vitamins and proteins, like bananas, soybeans, avocados, eggs, grains, and red meat. The nutrients found in these food items are responsible for healthy and shiny hair.

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