Thursday, 9 April 2009

How To Grow Healthy Long Emo Hair Faster

    One thing is sure, healthy hair does grown faster! Washing your hair will make your hair healthier but just washing it, has no significant proof of hair growth. What can help hair grow better is not wearing hats, not washing your hair to much, not using cheap shampoo, you should eat high protein and calcium based foods, and stimulating the hair folicals (this can also cause your hair to be more greasy)

    Long Emo Hair

    Trimming hair also does not cause hair to grow faster, since hair grows from the root cutting the ends has no impact on the growth process. The most trimming does is prevent split ends from traveling and losing length so it may appear to grow faster but it really is not. Some superstitious people say cutting the hair in full moon makes it grow faster too.

    Blue Emo Hair

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How To Grow Healthy Long Emo Hair Faster

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